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Indoor connectivity problems can be solved

Modern society is critically dependent on ever growing wireless connectivity. Wireless connection is frequently the only outbound connection for households. In parallel energy saving regulations are tightening and modern construction supplies such as aluminium coated insulators and low-E windows attenuate mobile signals like never before. This causes low data rates and even dropped calls. When integrated in walls StealthCase’s patented passive signal bridges solve these problems once and for all.



We design passive antenna structures based on our technologies which can be integrated to existing construction supplies to decrease their signal attenuation.


If you are working in industries such as construction, shipbuilding or public transport operator and face connectivity problems we may be able to help you.


We license our patented technologies for construction supply manufacturers.


Janne Mansikkamäki

CEO, Co-founder

M.Sc. who has studied digital communications, signal processing and RF technology. Janne has over ten years of experience in project management and contracts. Janne is responsible of everyday operations.

Juha Lilja

CTO, Chairman of Board, Founder

Juha studied electromagnetics and has specialized in antenna and RF design. Juha is an innovation power house with several patents and extensive experience in military, space and mobile industries. Juha is responsible for product development and R&D.

Antti Kallonen


M.Sc. that has worked years with critical infrastructure and is responsible for our infrastructure. With his background as a member of board in several other companies, Antti provides valuable support for our business development.

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