StealthCase, established in 2014 in Tampere, Finland—widely recognized as the Nordic Silicon Valley—was conceived with a vision of flawless connectivity in modern, energy-efficient buildings. We recognized a significant obstacle: the signal-blocking properties of thermally efficient building materials often compromised mobile connectivity. Rather than be deterred by this challenge, we turned it into an opportunity, innovating ways to convert these building materials into passive signal repeaters. Our goal: ensuring mobile signals could navigate the building envelope efficiently and economically.


A cornerstone of our innovation has been the glass antenna, a product born from laser processing the edges of low-E glasses. This unique design ensures that the central viewing areas remain undisturbed, maintaining clear views while the edges facilitate signal reception. This fusion of utility and aesthetics is a hallmark of our patented product line, making them a top choice in diverse markets.


Our journey has led us to collaborate with visionary companies globally, translating our technologies into tangible products. As a patent-holding, award-winning entity, we have licensed over 100,000 products across the Nordic countries, underlining our market impact and the acceptance of our trailblazing solutions.


StealthCase is fueled by an unwavering passion for wireless technology, a commitment to perpetual growth, and a vision for a globally connected future. We extend an invitation for you to join us on this transformative journey and explore how our revolutionary glass antennas can augment your product offerings.


We welcome your inquiries to unlock the potential of a globally interconnected future with StealthCase.




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