Pioneering Connectivity Solutions Across the Spectrum of Glass Markets

Boosting Production Versatility and Maximizing Investment Returns

StealthCase pioneers state-of-the-art technologies catering to a broad spectrum of glass markets. From residential and commercial building glass to the transportation sector, we deliver bespoke solutions for all Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) fabricators, regardless of their operational sector.


Our innovative technologies are crafted to empower maximum production versatility, thereby unlocking the potential for significant return on investment.

For architects, property owners, and building companies, achieving optimal indoor connectivity is a vital aspect of modern design and functionality. As a key stakeholder, make it a point to request StealthCase solutions from your window providers, ensuring you’re delivering the very best in seamless connectivity and state-of-the-art technology to your clients and occupants.

Our Glass Antennas, crafted through a laser treatment process, assure zero bill of materials and virtually zero waste in production. This process amplifies the sustainability of your operations while offering top-notch connectivity solutions.


Our ground-breaking technology enables IGU fabricators to meet the unique connectivity demands of their clients. For homeowners, seamless indoor connectivity extends beyond maintaining a link to the outside world – it’s about entertainment, connecting with loved ones, and transforming their living space into an integrated, intelligent home.


In the commercial domain, our solutions power productivity by ensuring businesses can count on consistent, high-quality indoor connectivity. Our technology ensures efficient signal transmission through coated glass, which is pivotal to driving operations and sustaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, digital business environment.


For property owners, our solutions present a cost-effective alternative to active indoor networks, whose maintenance can prove costly over time. By implementing our technology, they can offer tenants enhanced connectivity while minimizing maintenance and operational costs.

In every application, our solutions enhance indoor connectivity without sacrificing energy efficiency, emphasizing our commitment to sustainable, future-ready solutions. With StealthCase, enhanced connectivity and energy efficiency are perfectly balanced.

By partnering with StealthCase, IGU fabricators and window companies can position themselves as trailblazers in their industry. Offering our top-tier solutions to your clients enables you to meet their diverse connectivity needs, spanning homes and offices to even the more challenging environments like trains.


Trains, typically considered signal disruptors, result in a significant decline in connectivity for passengers. However, our advanced technology ensures that train glazing no longer hinders seamless connectivity. This unique proposition significantly enhances passenger experience, positioning your brand as a leading provider of innovative, signal-friendly glass products in the transportation sector.


In today’s digital era, consistent connectivity during travel is vital. StealthCase is here to revolutionize the transportation sector with our innovative solutions, specifically designed to conquer connectivity challenges within vehicles.


Our proprietary Glass Antenna technology is engineered to integrate seamlessly with various elements of vehicles, such as windshields and glass roofs. This integration is key to facilitating seamless connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted transmission of signals. Whether within the confines of a car or a train, our advanced solutions are compatible with the latest 5G, IoT, and Wi-Fi technologies, allowing users to fully leverage these cutting-edge advancements on the move.

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By partnering with StealthCase, you're not just offering a product; you're delivering an upgrade to a more connected, more efficient, and more satisfying experience for your clients.

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