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Bridging the Gap Between Low-E Glass Fabrication and Seamless 5G Connectivity and Finding a Solution to Indoor Connectivity Issues


Empowering Cell Phone Signal in Modern Buildings

Bridging the Gap Between Low-E Glass Fabrication and Seamless 5G Connectivity

Welcome to StealthCase, the leading innovator in crafting building materials for unparalleled mobile phone reception!

Glass Antennas as a Solution to Connectivity Issues

Solving indoor connectivity issues, our laser-treated glass antennas are at the forefront of technology. They work by receiving 4G and 5G signals and re-radiating them through the glass, creating a horizontally expanded coverage beam. This, coupled with our unique edge treatment process, ensures a wide receiving scale from outside base stations and uniform coverage within building interiors. StealthCase's laser-treated glass antennas offer an optimal solution to indoor connectivity issues as they boost poor indoor 4G and 5G mobile signals.

In our digitally connected age, seamless cellular traffic is a necessity, a lifeblood for our digital existence. Yet, the very essence of modern construction—energy-efficient low-E glass—often turns buildings into unintended Faraday cages, obstructing radio waves and creating dead zones in homes and offices. Insulated glass unit (IGU) manufacturers and window companies are confronted with a unique challenge—designing glass facades that harmonize with RF signals without compromising energy efficiency.


At StealthCase, we’re not just addressing this challenge—we’re transforming it into an opportunity. Our award-winning Glass Antennas are meticulously integrated with your low-E glass units, employing advanced laser treatment to turn a problem into a compelling selling point. This innovation does more than enhance indoor connectivity—it revolutionizes it. It elevates your client satisfaction and propels your global reputation in the construction market to new heights.


Experience the power of our patented Glass Antenna technology, a passive yet effective solution to the indoor 5G cell phone signal problems caused by low-E glass. This ground-breaking innovation allows radio frequencies to penetrate coated glass with ease, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and superior call quality within energy-efficient buildings. Our comprehensive, turn-key solution, fortified by an extensive Intellectual Property Rights portfolio, arms IGU fabricators and glass professionals with the tools to meet the escalating demand for signal-transparent windows in energy efficient buildings, providing a distinctive competitive advantage in the market.

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Why Choose Us?

An Award-Winning Licensing Company

StealthCase operates primarily as a technology licensing company, providing comprehensive, turn-key solutions that can significantly enhance your product range. With us, you gain exclusive access to our award-winning antenna technology and a team of world-class wireless engineers.

Full-Service Consultation

We offer extensive consultation services, positioning ourselves as your trusted advisors in the wireless world. Our experienced engineers provide a wide range of services, from electromagnetic simulations and laboratory measurements to customer project analysis and IPR support.

Wide Range Support

We stand ready to assist with any potential productization needs you might have. Whether it's prototyping or mass production, we ensure you have everything needed to excel in the wireless domain.

Join StealthCase today in pioneering the future of RF signal-friendly glass products. Let's redefine indoor connectivity together, transforming buildings one glass pane at a time!

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